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Anti-Fatigue Matting Favored in Offices, Too

Case Study


In preparation for new office furniture that featured standing desks, this office knew they needed something better to stand on than tile flooring. The old tiles would get wet and slippery in the winter months causing a slipping hazard, especially near the entrance of the office. Aesthetically, the flooring was plain and boring. Lastly, the flooring often got cold and the office staff wanted something more warm and insulated.

“Sometimes I’m surprised at how much time I’ve been standing at my desk for! You don’t notice because you’re not sore.”


A totally customized Safe-Flex Floor System was the ultimate solution, and with a variety of matting colors and types to choose from, the office took on a brand new look.

  • By the entrance, the drainage tiles reduce water build up while gritted tiles reduce the slipping hazard.

  • Smooth top tiles allow a smooth roll for the chairs and provide great ergonomic support for standing.

  • Colored mats can be used to match the company’s branding and allow demarcation of special areas.

  • Our 6 in clear tiles on top of an strip of LED lights provide a lit pathway.

  • Our matting does a great job at keeping the heat in and the cold out.

  • Mats were easy to cut to fit tight areas and required minuscule effort for installation.

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Anti-Fatigue Matting Favoured in Offices
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