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Choose the matting with the industry's #1 embedded* protection against bacteria & fungus

*Not a coating! Our Anti-Microbial line of matting is embedded by adding Ultra-Fresh® Anti-Microbial Technology to PVC before the injection molding process. Anti-Microbial tiles have the same ergonomic, anti-fatigue benefits as our regular tiles, but with the added safety of bacteria, odor and fungus protection.


Test Results

  • Includes all the same standard ergonomic anti-fatigue and safety benefits as our other mats, and are interchangeable

  • Excellent results in ASTM G21 and ISO 22196 testing (see page 2)

  • Black tiles are environmentally sustainable, made of recycled PVC

  • Ideally suited for any environment or facility that is concerned about cleanliness and the potential growth of bacteria, mold and fungus

Also Available in Workstation Kits

Several sizes of our popular Workstation Kits are available with tiles and edging.
These come pre-packaged and are easy to install.

SafeFlex_antimicrobial full.png
The Safe-Flex Floor System
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