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Lab & Pharmaceutical

The Lab/Pharmaceutical industry has unique challenges faced by no other industry. From clean rooms to cart paths, we have specialized tiles designed to provide a clean and safe environment.


Workers benefit from anti-fatigue support and protection from trip hazards. Provided by a floor that is easy to clean and extremely durable.

These are some common issues that we address:

Back and Knee Pain From Standing All Day

We are the top rated anti-fatigue mat on the market today click here for more info on how we do it.

Hazard Areas

Use colored edges or highlight tiles to comply with OSHA Code 1910-144 to indicate machine and hazard areas.


Hoses as Trip Hazards

Tiles are constructed with special channels underneath to allow cords and hoses to be run safely out of the way of foot and cart traffic.

Anti-Microbial Options

Anti-Microbial tiles have the same ergonomic, anti-fatigue benefits as our regular tiles, but with the added safety of bacteria, odor and fungus protection.

Edges as Trip Hazards

Beveled edges are placed along any sides of matting sections where foot or cart traffic comes on or off. The height of the mat is no longer a trip hazard, plus our edges won’t curl or tear.

Double Mats as Trip Hazards

Our mats are 1” thick and never bottom out so it is not necessary to double up mats. Doubled mats slip more easily and often result in uneven edges which are unsightly and dangerous trip hazards.

Cart Traffic

For areas that primarily function as traffic areas for carts, we recommend A1-SM smooth top tiles, they do not have compression dome texture and allow for smooth and quiet cart movement.