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Specially Formulated for Dry Areas

  • Made for areas where workers are standing for long periods of time and require optimum anti-fatigue support

  • These areas have limited amount of liquids spilled so don't require drainage or heavy duty anti-slip grit

  • No holes mean that particles stay on top of mats to allow for easy removal by sweeping or vacuuming

  • Configures easily around machines or building structures

  • Standard lug connection system allows mixing of tile types

  • ESD tiles provide excellent anti-static protection of workers and equipment

  • Smooth top tiles are designed to allow carts to run smoothly in that area to deliver fragile and/or needed items safely and easily

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Also Available in Workstation Kits

Several sizes of our popular Workstation Kits are available with tiles and edging.
These come pre-packaged and are easy to install.

ESD Anti-Fatigue Kit
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