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Gritted Anti-Slip is the ideal solution for areas exposed to moisture and lubricants.

Safe-Flex gritted tiles are made with a special carbide coating which provides maximum slip resistance, increases traction and decreases slippage even when covered with oil or lubricants, two extremely prevalent liquids found in many industrial environments.


We've Got Grit

  • Excellent for weld areas and all types of manufacturing environments where lubricants are present

  • Allows for drainage of liquids, or airflow allowing for downdraft (30% drainage/air flow per square foot)

  • Silicon Carbide bonded to surface of PVC protecting against heat and chemicals

  • Configures easily to work environments

  • Provides excellent support

Also Available in Workstation Kits

Several sizes of our popular Workstation Kits are available with tiles and edging.
These come pre-packaged and are easy to install.