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Proporciona capacidades de descarga electrostática para proteger el equipo y los trabajadores, así como un excelente antifatiga. El aditivo ESD está incrustado en todo el tapete.

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Kits antifatiga ESDA1B ESD

Workstation kits come in pre-packaged sets which are fast and easy to assemble and use. Perfect for single workstations.

Our ESD tile delivers all of the ergonomic benefits of our standard anti-fatigue product while providing industry leading ESD performance. Through our proprietary manufacturing process, Safe-Flex™ ESD tiles retain the required ESD performance through the full tile as compared to other mats that only offer “surface resistivity”. Aluminum or Copper Tape can be used as the grounding agent when installed over a non-grounded floor.

The advanced Versatile Interlock System allows for ease and efficiency during installation and future modifications. Manufactured with Recycled PVC for waste reduction.

Following strict quality control of our manufacturing process each tile delivers consistent ESD performance:

  • Surface Resistivity: 3×10^8 Ohm
  • Volume Resistivity: 3×10^8 Ohm
  • Test Procedure: ANSI/ESD S7.1



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