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Con forma de cúpula para proporcionar clasificación antifatiga, orificios para el drenaje de líquidos sin aceite, escombros o flujo de aire, clase 1 resistente al fuego, ¡hecho de PVC 100% reciclado!

Kit de estación de trabajo de drenaje antifatiga A2B

Workstation kits come in pre-packaged sets which are fast and easy to assemble and use. Perfect for single workstations.

Our innovative Compression Flex Technology is designed to give you the ergonomic advantage of improved blood flow to reduce fatigue, with the added protection of shock absorption to lower stress.

The advanced Versatile Interlock System allows for ease and efficiency during installation and future modifications. Manufactured with 100% Recycled PVC for waste reduction and prevention.

  • Excellent for areas requiring drainage of liquids, or airflow allowing for downdraft (30% drainage/air flow per square foot)
  • Configures easily to work environments
  • Provides excellent support
  • Easy to clean and maintain


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