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Auto Manufacture Site Astonished at Longevity of Mats

Case Study


An automotive manufacturing operation in Brampton Ontario was looking to increase safety on the floor of their plant. They had tried 3 different types of competitor mats and were frustrated with them, they ripped and broke down and they didn’t significantly help with fatigue and comfort standing all day.

“Simply put, "Best Matting Ever" Initial cost is more, but the longevity of the product is compared to nothing ”


They installed Safe-Flex mats in a few areas to test them in comparison to the other mats. A month later they ripped out all the old mats and replaced them with Safe-Flex as well.

  • 7 years later the mats are still going strong.

  • Workers continue to be thrilled with how much better they feel.

  • There are areas in the plant where the operator’s drag parts across the tile and cause damage over time. They remove the damaged tile and replace with a new tile, a much more cost effective way to repair than needing to rip out entire areas.

  • Old mats had to be taped down, but Safe-Flex mats do not.

  • Old mats would develop bacteria and mold on the underside, these do not.

  • Power cords are easily run under the tiles removing tripping hazards.

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Automotive Plant Loves Longevity - SF -
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