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Mats Allow Truck Detailing Workers Room to Move


A customer of ours put a Safe-Flex Floor System in all of his automotive manufacturing areas except for one—the detailing area, as it had very special requirements. Employees needed to easily walk around the trucks, and work on them from all sides. Drainage for when trucks came in with snow on them. An elevated, ramped work space to drive onto without shifting any tiles. Something more comfortable to stand on than concrete.

This project is outstanding. Our workers love their new work areas!”


They installed Safe-Flex tiles in very precise work areas with edges all the way around. Now employees are safe and can do their detailing work in comfort.

  • Smooth top tiles were installed at spots where trucks came off ramps and onto the work area.

  • Drainage anti-fatigue tiles were used everywhere else to ensure maximum worker comfort, plus to drain away snow and other liquids.

  • Edges were nailed to floor with special concrete fasteners so tiles don’t shift even when trucks drive on or off.

  • A precisely measured space was left open for a truck to be parked in the middle, with easy access to all areas where logos or lights needed to be added.

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Truck Detailing Area Custom Solution - S
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