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What's the Cost of an Injured Employee?


A responsible six-year employee catches her foot on a cord and falls into a heavy metal table. The end result is a twisted ankle, sprained wrist, some bruising (thankfully that’s all), and one heck of a mountain of paperwork for the employer.

And that’s just getting started. The employee required 4 weeks off work, followed by three weeks of light duty. Costs to the employer have already topped $25,000, with additional charges still pending, depending on what the Ministry of Labor determines.

The story is somewhat fabricated, but the details are all too real. There’s a slip, trip or fall in the workplace every four minutes, an average of 2.9 million of these annually in North America. These numbers are disturbing, and worse, most are totally preventable.

In conjunction with our distribution partners, Ergo Advantage Inc is helping to prevent such ‘accidents’ every single day. Our ergonomic safety matting solution is designed to eliminate tripping hazards, by providing a safe haven underneath our matting for cord and cable management. Unlike some substances that are affected by the workplace environment, our mats, made from recycled PVC, will never tear or curl. Our interlocking system ensures our mats will stay together, providing an almost seamless layout, while delivering best in-class ergonomics.

According to data, the average ‘accident’ like the one mentioned above, costs employers upwards of $40,000 and 12 weeks of missed time. A fraction of that money can be much better spent by supporting ALL employees with a proper matting solution, one made from recycled PVC, designed to last in a typical workspace for up to 20 years.

The Ergo Advantage system has been doing just that for nearly three decades, in both large and small facilities across North America. You’ll find our product in manufacturing, retail, airports, labs, pharma, food and beverage, and commercial garages.

With a sales team spanning the entire North American continent, learning more is quite easy. Click on our ‘Contact Us’ link, to be connected. If you have an extra two minutes now, (2:11 seconds to be exact), click here to check out our video.


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