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When Taping Down Mats is a Paid Position, You need a New Approach.


Trips, slips and falls account for roughly 29% of workplace accidents, and most of these injuries are easily prevented. True story, we have customers who were paying employees as much as 8 hours a week just to tape and re-tape mats to the floor. It was their solution to removing trip hazards.

The Safe-Flex safety tile system completely eliminates that concern because our mats simply will not curl. Made from recycled PVC, sourced from throughout Canada and the USA, our solution is permanent.

Additional trip hazards are removed with a safe haven for cables and cords along the underside and edges around where there is on/off traffic. Edges slope down to make foot or machinery on/off traffic easy and safe. Tile leg structure was designed to accommodate cords and cables, while also maximizing your comfort, dispersing weight throughout the tile, unlike soft squishy mats which will create a sink hole.

Our safety tiles are held together with a patented interlock system, designed to keep the mats tight in both high and low temperatures, removing unsightly lines, and the fear of high and low spots in the matting. Our tiles can actually be folded over and not come apart, yet when you need to separate them, simply hold one side and lightly lift the other. It’s all part of the magic that went into designing our matting solution, innovations that were developed, in part, through Kinesiology R&D.

A Safe-Flex Floor System is an incredible step to ensuring a much safer working environment, and not just for today, but for the next 20 years.


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