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A Floor System For Home Gyms

Case Study


A customer of ours loves working out. He does a variety of cardio, weights and stretching exercises. With COVID he was unable to go to his neighborhood gym and was feeling sluggish so he decided to convert part of his basement into a workout space. He wanted it to have musculoskeletal support when he was doing his skipping or the punching bag and be warm and comfortable to stand on or even to lie on when he was stretching and doing yoga.

“I love the look and feel of my home gym. Safe-Flex may be made for industrial spaces but works really well here too.”


He loves his Safe-Flex tiles at work so brought us into install in his basement workout space.

  • We recommended smooth top tiles for most of the floor area so that if he was in socks or shoes he would be comfortable

  • He feels less fatigue and strain while exercising due to the benefit of our patented leg support system

  • The channels between the legs under the tiles trap air and keep the floor surface considerably more warm than the concrete floor that was there before

  • The workout space looks gorgeous and is really easy to clean

  • Exercise equipment does not slide, it is firmly held in place by the PVC surface

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A Floor System For Home Gyms - SF - EN-U
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