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Anti-Fatigue Matting on a Manufacturing Line

Case Study


A large manufacturing company had six lines of employees doing various jobs including welding, painting, assembling and inspecting. Most employees were required to stand for all or most of their 8 hour shifts and many were complaining of foot, knee and back pain. Some workers had used insoles but found they were of limited value in decreasing stress and fatigue over an average work day. Plus there was no way to monitor when insoles were used and/or replaced.

“Our workers love the new matting system and are much more willing to stay overtime and to recommend our facility to friends and family who are looking for new employment.”


Safe-Flex mats were placed at all workstations where employees were required to stand for long periods of time. An additional improvement was found by using colored tiles to mark out hazardous areas.

  • The superior ergonomic value of this solution has resulted in a significant reduction in fatigue, sick days and increase in overall productivity.

  • Red tiles were placed in front of hazardous machinery and light curtains.

  • Gritted tiles were placed in paint area which had been a source of numerous slips and falls over the years.

  • Employee retention has increased, and HR is realizing significant ROI from not having to train new employees.

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Anti-Fatigue Matting On A Manufacturing
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