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Bakery Employees Use Mats to Increase Creative Stamina

Case Study


A family run bakery produces bread and desserts baked fresh daily in the kitchen behind the storefront. Employees stand from 4:30 am when they arrive to start baking till 2 pm when the shop closes for the day. They needed to move quickly from the retail space to the work area and be able to clean the area thoroughly at the end of every day. The rubber mats they had were swept daily which took time and would often tear. There were trip hazards, fatigue and cleanliness concerns.

“We love what we do and now we have more energy to create! Thank you Safe-Flex for your personalized care.”


Safe-Flex A1B mats were installed at all areas where employees had to stand for long periods of time and A2B mats were installed where prep work was done. Edges were added at any points where staff walked on or off the mats on a regular basis.

  • While at first employees were skeptical because the mats were such a departure from the soft mats they were used to, by the end of day 2 they were astonished to find that they were far less fatigued and sore at the end of the day

  • Trip hazards were removed as Safe-Flex mats never curl and have beveled edges for on/off traffic. Plus cords for mixers etc. can now be run under the mats.

  • They like the fact that they can be disassembled and re-assembled quickly for when they reconfigure their prep areas.

  • At night for cleanup they quickly and easily vacuum in the kitchen to remove all flour and residue.

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Bakery Uses Mats To Increase Creative St
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