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Cannabis Greenhouse Has Unique Floor Support Challenges

Case Study


A (legal) Cannabis grower employed 50 people in their greenhouse to take care of plants. Humidity and temperatures meant the floor was often wet and slippery. Hoses had to run

through many aisles and were often trip hazards. Workers stood for long periods of time to prune and care for plants and complained of back and knee pain.

"We love how much these mats help with standing fatigue. Plus overjoyed they are made of recycled materials!


Installing AM2 Safe-Flex mats in long runs between the crops solved a multitude of problems.

  • Workers who stand all day no longer suffer from extreme musculoskeletal and joint pain and fatigue.

  • The anti-microbial mats never develop mold or bacteria in spite of being in an extremely wet and humid environment.

  • Hoses are run under the mats utilizing the special Safe-Flex channel infrastructure and are no longer a trip hazard.

  • Sustainability is a big part of their mandate and they had been looking for mats made of recycled materials for a long time. They are so pleased Safe-Flex is environmentally produced.

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Anti-Fatigue for Cannabis Grower - SF - EN-US
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