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Transparent Tiles Allow Cord Inspection

Case Study


A parts manufacturer had an OSHA inspection and received numerous citations because they couldn’t prove that their electrical cords and hoses were in safe condition as they were running under mats and wooden platforms.

This was such an easy solution to stay in compliance and has the added benefit of providing our employees with an amazing anti-fatigue surface to stand on.”


Safe-Flex installed their interlocking modular matting solution using lines of clear 6 in tiles in tracks at regular intervals along the floor. The organization was able to run all their cords and

hoses through the transparent portion of the floor system so that the condition of the cords was clearly visible.

  • The company received a passing grade on their next OSHA audit.

  • Installing the mats also gave them the opportunity to clean up the area and have defined work areas for different functions. Their continuous improvement committee is brainstorming on other projects to add to their Safe-Flex Floor System.

  • The employees have mentioned how much better they feel standing on the ergonomic matting.

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Transparent Tiles Allow For Easy Cord In
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