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ESD Tiles Prevent Shocks to Electronics and Employees Alike

Case Study


An electronics manufacturing company had areas on their assembly line where static would build up and randomly shock employees causing discomfort and could potentially destroy sensitive parts in the assembly process. They had tried using anti static clothing, chairs, floor coatings, mats and tape but they didn’t allow flexibility of movement and had grounding buttons on top of the mats that were trip hazards.

Shocks are a thing of the past at our facility, now we are planning on adding Safe-Flex matting to other areas as well.”


Safe-Flex put down their copper tape every 6 feet and laid their ESD tiles down over top in all areas with static potential. The tiles are engineered to slowly discharge static buildup, volume resistivity levels is 6.13 +08 Ohms.

  • ESD areas were clearly marked and employees were able to work comfortably without fear of shocks.

  • The manufactured components no longer are damaged by static buildup in the production line.

  • Tiles were cut to fit environment without any loss of integrity or ESD value.

  • Employees benefited from the ergonomic improvement and felt less fatigue and strain when working long shifts on their feet in the ESD area.

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ESD Matting Protects Electronics and Emp
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