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Mat Solutions That Survive a Harsh Environment

Case Study


A Quality Control professional at a chemical company, who also sits on the Joint Health and Safety Committee told us that while his employer takes safety initiatives very seriously,

they still have their share of challenges. For example, they had tried out several different anti-fatigue mats, but none of them survived long in the harsh chemical environment. With the plant running an average of 15 hours each day and up to 6 days a week, with a combined staff of more than 150 employees, they needed a reliable solution that was proven to last.

“It truly is amazing how much of a difference the right choice in matting can make in a production environment.”


The customer asked for suggestions from his safety distributor rep, who in turn recommended Safe-Flex—and they have not looked back since.

  • The employees love the industry leading proven antifatigue support floor system.

  • Safety team members herald the patented leg structure on the bottom, specifically designed to provide a safe haven to run cables and air lines which helps to remove trip hazards.

  • Especially important for the customer is the fact that our products are Class 1 Flame Resistant.

  • The customer finally has a solution that will last, even in their extremely harsh environment.

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Mat Solutions That Survive A Harsh Environment - SF - EN-US
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