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Making Work Spaces Safer

A few years back when I was working for the ‘King’ of the Canadian metal finishing industry (shout out to Latem Industries), I was making my way through a customer’s facility, and found myself toe-to-tear (sure, it makes sense) with a torn foam mat. I’m quite certain I had the upper hand from a weight standpoint, but it still won the battle, and I tripped.

What happened next is a typical male response. Quickly realizing that I didn’t belong on the floor, I bounced right up, almost as if to say “I meant to do that.” Sure, my pride was a little bruised, but not as much as Tom’s, the cell operator, who apparently is also responsible for making his workspace safe. Jerry, the Operations Manager (and yes, I have changed names to protect the identities of some really good people) tore a strip off Tom, and immediately yelled for the mat to be taped down. Later we laughed, and it became a comedic subject on several future visits. One time I even showed up in a hockey helmet, just to keep the comedy going.

In retrospect, that’s the kind of opportunity I am looking for now. Not necessarily to be lying on the floor in a manufacturing facility, but to locate and remove these hazards before someone else is. And while a band-aid does serve its purpose, using tape on the floor as a safety implementation is certainly not the way to go. The fact is, a slip, trip or fall in the workplace can cost employers as much as $40K and 12 days of missed time.

The Safe-Flex floor system is specifically designed to eliminate trip hazards completely. Our mats will never curl or tear, there is no need for tape, and our leg structure provides a safe haven for cords and cables, underneath the mat. Compression memory domes absorb energy and instantly respond, providing firm ergonomic support to help stimulate blood flow and remove body stresses and fatigue. Standing, or walking on our matting is very similar to using a snowshoe. Our system is designed to disperse your weight throughout the tile, so that you don’t create a sink hole, a hazard often seen with soft, foam mats.

With several design patents, our modular matting, comprised of 6″ and 18″ tiles and 4″ edges, fit firmly and securely, in an almost seamless pattern. Our mats do not come apart, unless you need them to, ideal for work cells that change from time to time. There truly is no other system as versatile, as resilient, or as cost effective as the Safe-Flex Floor system.


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