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Manage Workplace Safety Right, Right Away, So You Don’t Need To Do It Again

Case Study


Kyle has been with his employer, one of our top distribution partners, for a number of years. Integrated into his customer’s facility, Kyle spends the bulk of his week here, fulfilling the supply chain needs for this one customer. From gloves to industrial vacuums, grinding discs to anti-fatigue mats, this facility relies on Kyle to bring not only the best products, but the best value. Last year, Kyle realized his customer was spending a lot of money on matting, often replacing it quicker than they would drill bits. He built a case for, and strongly suggested they take a serious look at Safe-Flex.

“They were replacing mats, in some stations, on a monthly basis. When you do the math, the savings in using a better product is right there.”


Kyle’s customer started with our Safe-Flex Workstation Kits, the simplest way for new customers to get acquainted with Safe-Flex. Safe-Flex are pre-packaged kits, that accommodate 3’ x 3′, 3’ x 5′ and 3’ x 8′ work spaces. The packages include all safety edging and install instructions. Options include closed and open anti-fatigue mats, as well as ESD, Antimicrobial and anti-slip grit matting solutions.

  • Early feedback was positive, and they soon began customizing matting to suit their workstations throughout. Kyle recommended specific matting options for different requirements.

  • Areas producing large volumes of oils required our industry leading anti- slip grit tiles.

  • Areas with no oils have regular anti-fatigue mats.

  • They continue to evaluate needs and bring in the appropriate zone types and sizes for those areas.

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