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Matting Makes Garage Dreams Come True

Case Study


A customer of ours knew about our mats from his place of work and knew they were the best product on the market—engineered to increase comfort and decrease accident rates. He is an antique car buff and when he went home after work, he would often spend hours sanding, painting or checking the engine functions of his beloved cars. He was finding he was limited by aches and pains in his knees and lower back.

“I love the look of my garage. I am so happy that I can go and work on my hobby without pain or fatigue.”


He called up Safe-Flex and asked if we would be able to sell him the right amount of tiles for his garage. We certainly could!

  • He can now work happily for hours in his garage without pain.

  • Our customer chose 3 different colored tiles to match with his overall garage color scheme and loves the custom look of the floor!

  • The new tiles are easier to clean and there is no concern about sparks when welding as they are Class 1 Fire Resistant.

  • These mats are tough – his garage will have them for a very long time without replacement.

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Matting Makes Garage Dreams Come True -
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