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Matting Solutions for Standing Airline Employees

Case Study


From security officers to gate agents, maintaining professionalism and providing active service is a high priority in the airline industry. In order to provide strong customer service and efficiency, most airline companies prefer that their employees stand while they work. Many workers are turning to thin rubber or foam mats to reduce strain they may feel from standing all day. In many cases, workers are layering mats on top of one another with the hopes they feel additional relief.

“I understand the importance of good customer service in airline industry and why our employers require us to stand. After they installed these new mats, I have been noticing a significant difference in my posture and fatigue after a long day of work”


Safe-Flex mats have been installed all over North American airports at a variety of different job stations. It didn’t take long for employees to notice their weight was being dispersed across the entire tile and the ergonomic domes on top provided just right amount of give to counteract fatigue.

  • The employees now understand that layers of soft squishy mats can cause additional fatigue instead of relief

  • Employees quickly noticed that they started feeling less fatigued towards the end of the day and even felt an improvement in their posture.

  • Replacing layered mats reduced and practically eliminated the amount of trips and falls

  • Areas such as ticket counters, security and service desks appear more professional with custom configuration

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Matting Solutions For Standing Airline E
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