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Pharmacist No Longer Suffers from Fatigue

Case Study


A pharmacist was starting to get sore knees, back and feet when he realized that the current mats he was standing on in his pharmacy were made of a spongey rubber material which compressed under his weight and offered very little support.

I spend my days helping people with their health and wellness. Funny how I didn’t really think of my own. I find that I am less tired and more able to assist people all day now.”


Safe-Flex laid down mats behind the service counter as well as in the prescription dispensing area covering the areas where people stood for the majority of the day. After a few days, the employees noticed a remarkable difference in the way they felt after a full day of work.

  • Employees no longer complain of knee and back pain at the end of the day

  • Edges protect employees from tripping when walking on and off the tiles, allowing them the have more confidence when carrying large boxes that blocked their visibility

  • Employees specifically love the sway factor. Safe-Flex's patented dome texture now causes them to move continuously in small shifts which helps maintain good posture throughout the day.

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Pharmacist No Longer Suffers From Fatigu
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