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Gritted Tiles Prevent Slips in Production Oily Areas

Case Study


A large manufacturing plant had long runs of equipment that workers stood at to assemble agricultural machinery. These machine parts were large complicated pieces of equipment with many bolts, belts and sometimes moving parts. Workers would move parts down the line and the next part of the assembly process would be done by another employee. Cutting fluids, hydraulic oils and leaking machinery created a slick walking surface making worker movement challenging and even dangerous.

“Gritted tiles make the environment much safer for worker movement. The fact that they offer ergonomic benefits is an extra bonus.”


Safe-Flex gritted open tiles were configured to fit the spaces exactly and gritted edge tiles were added for on/off ease and safety.

  • Lubricants drain down to a catch channel underneath and flow to a central spot where they can be reused or disposed of. Mat surface stays drier but grit helps to ensure anti-slip even with residual lubricant remaining.

  • The look is clean and neat and there are no more trip hazards at on/off points

  • Employees benefit from the ergonomic improvement and feel less fatigue and strain when working long shifts on their feet

  • Initial cost of Safe-Flex is less than half the price of competitor and lasts twice as long.

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Gritted Tiles Prevent Slips In Productio
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