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Making a Wheelchair Ramp Safe with Gritted Tiles

Case Study


A woman in a wheelchair wanted to live independently in her own home and had a wheelchair ramp built to her front door. Unfortunately whenever it got wet or snowy it was treacherous and she was afraid to try to go up or down for fear of getting into an accident.

Thank you so much for these incredible tiles, they have been a major factor in improving my quality of life!”


Safe-Flex put down gritted tiles on the ramp and gritted edging at top and bottom

  • The woman is now able to go up and down her ramp in any weather without any fear

  • When there has been leaves or mud on the tiles she just sprays them down with her garden hose and they are clean again

  • They look great and have improved safe arrivals

Download PDF Version

Making A Wheelchair Ramp Safe With Gritt
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