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New Reflex Tiles Help High End Luggage Company Workers

Case Study


A high end luggage manufacturing company had lines of workers who each have a very specific function. They stand in their station and take great care in one aspect of the manufacture and assembly process. There is no need for steel toed footwear, they generally wear running shoes but find that at the end of the day they feel fatigued.

"We had tried foam mats but they didn’t help much and wore out and tore after a few months. We are very happy so far with the Reflex mats.


Installing Safe-Flex RF1 Reflex Light Duty mats in several key locations reduced pain and fatigue immensely for workers.

  • They are excited to be part of this pilot installation and promise to let us know all the benefits and feedback and hopefully add additional stations in time.

  • After just a few days workers say they felt much better at the end of a work day. We will continue to stay in touch to hear more reviews of our new product.

  • Hoses were run under the mats utilizing the special Safe-Flex channel infrastructure and are no longer a trip hazard.

  • Their organization has a mandate to use sustainably produced materials and are so pleased Safe-Flex Reflex mats are made of recycled materials.

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New Light Duty Tiles Help High End Lugga
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