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Some Tough Choices Really Aren’t So Tough After All

Case Study


A heavy manufacturing company had many work areas where sparks and oil abound. The company had such a poor history with matting options, they simply stopped bringing it in. It just got to be too expensive, and in some cases, too dangerous.

We had met the EHS manager, Leslie, at a trade show. Touring with her colleagues, she stopped by the Safe-Flex booth to give her body a rest from the hard concrete floors. She asked us to show her employer how we could help their production team.

Welding stations were their primary concern. They had tried foam and rubber matting in the past, but it didn’t last. There are 30 welders on staff, many who complain of back and knee pain.

“It truly is amazing how much of a difference the right choice in matting can make to a production environment.”


We suggested a trial of two different zones, using our most popular A1-B ergonomic tile.

  • They have been designed to resist chemicals and welding sparks.

  • Also supports posture, and stimulates blood flow through a number of patented design features.

  • After 4 weeks of trial Leslie brought us back in to finish measuring all weld zones, assembly and CNC departments.

  • In less than six months they outfitted the entire plant.

  • Trip hazards from matting are removed, slippery areas and welding zones are managed.


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